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In this Industry Buzz podcast, Simon Dudley leads a conversation with UCStrategies Experts about the announcement that Microsoft will purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The podcast includes Michael Finneran, Evan Kirstel, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, Dave Michels, Steve Leaden, and Roberta J. Fox.
The theme “ReImagine” was prominent at Interactive Intelligence’s INTERACTIONS 2016 event in Indianapolis last week, as the company discussed its PureCloud service offerings, as well as providing a peek into the near future with a virtual reality demo.
The horse has left the barn, and these tools are out there and will continue to be used within enterprises. In this new world, how do CIOs and IT professionals understand and monitor usage? Is there a way for IT to know who is using what, and how they are using it? It’s clear that new management tools will be needed. I expect to see an evolution of what UCStrategies calls BCOM, or Business Communications Operations Management, in order to help organizations deal with this new sophistication and complexity.
Most organizations have separate platforms for their business UC and for their contact center, but this doesn’t allow the contact center to take advantage of UC for customer care. One of these challenges is the inability of subject-matter experts (SMEs) help with customer interactions. However, thanks in part to the widespread adoption of Microsoft Skype for Business, this is starting to change. When businesses use an UC-integrated contact center  product, such as Clarity Connect, they can benefit from the new “collaborative contact center” model.
In this UCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast, Michael Finneran contends that text is the single most important and widely used medium of communications to have emerged in the past 20 years, but that it is about the farthest thing from an "integrated network” that has ever existed. The conversation includes Experts Phil Edholm, Joseph Williams, Jon Arnold, Blair Pleasant, JR Simmons, Roberta Fox, and Dave Michels.

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